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Csipirkei Phersian Salamis  

DOB: 28-10-2010
Deceased: -
RegNo: NHSB 2859577
Color: black white & tan
Country of origin: Hungary
Owner : -
Breeder : -
Comments: -
Coefficient Of Inbreeding (COI): 0.45%
Ancestor loss coefficient (AVK): 57.1%
(max. possible ancestors in 10 gen.: 2046, found: 1208 in 10 gen. (59.04%), unique: 690)
generations   details   vertical pedigree   generations with photo  
Holdvári Rocky Gino
liver & tan
MET 4708/07
Julius & Nike's Ishtar
liver & tan
MET CSP 7365/02
Julius & Nike's Chocolate Boy Archibald
liver & tan
MET Csp 5702/99
Dt.Ch.(VDH); Dt.Ch Dan-l's Dantan Soren Brun
14-11-1991, liver & tan, DK 01205/92 SPZB 0123/94, HD:A, Strain:show
Lochdene Golden Flower B-JSgr'89
28-04-1988, red, KC N2450103N02 - SPZB 0001/89, HD:B, Strain:show
Helleborus Merrydanella
23-05-1986, black, DK 24208/86, HD:A2, Strain:show
Tatjana vom Odenwald
29-09-1997, liver & tan, SPZB 1838/97 - MET Csp 918/H/98, Strain:show
Ayk vom Odenwald
16-03-1995, red, SPZB 0520/95, HD:A, Strain:show
Dt.Ch.(VDH) Neewa vom Odenwald
18-09-1992, liver & tan, SPZB 1560/92 , HD:A, Strain:show
Julius & Nike's Camilla
MET Csp 8975/99
Cimarron De Castell El Sabrah
18-08-1991, liver, SPZB 1575/91 MET Csp 4178/H/96, HD:1 (Dt: C), Strain:show
Lochdene Golden Flower B-JSgr'89
28-04-1988, red, KC N2450103N02 - SPZB 0001/89, HD:B, Strain:show
Aro's Butterfly
23-03-1989, black, SPZB 0449/89, HD:C, Strain:show
Újlaki-Selymes Beauty
black & tan, MET Csp 4883/93, Strain:show
Frostedwood Andrush Again
liver & tan, MET Csp 8689/90
Franyóházi Stefi
MET Csp 2614/88, Strain:show
Tufted Valerie
MET CSP 8299/02
Rizi-bizi Brunó
liver roan
MET Csp 2232/96
Stocdale East Of Eden
MET CSP 650/H/96, Strain:show
Dk.Ch Copers-bandito De Campollano
25-12-1993, liver & white, LOP 124295, EyeTest:unaffected, EyeTest Info:DK, EyeTest Date:28-08-1995, Strain:show
Stocdale Call Me Chocolate
liver roan, CSP650/H/96, HD:0/0, Strain:show
Assasin Mona
MET Csp 6629/93, Strain:show
Szilágysomlyói Vadász Barbi
blue roan
Csp 531/96
D Ch, Yu Ch, Ö CH Drávaházi Karlo Cliff
blue roan, Csp 1139/87, Strain:show
Wido von der Michaeliburg
18-11-1983, blue roan, SPZB 3241/83 ÖHZB CS 9961, Strain:show
Aranygömbi Carmen Louise
MET Csp 4735, Strain:show
Füzeskertí Fürkész Dolly
Csp 5660/87, Strain:show
Mesztegnyei Terry Molly
MET 4754/07
Rizi-Bizi Biggy Boy Indián
MET 1449/03
Rizi-bizi Tricolor Litte Star
MET CSP 5398/01
Szipingi Konrád
MET 949/96
Kakasfogo Herbert
MET Csp 4227/92
Kösely-Menti Merhly Betty
Rizi-Bizi Dominika
MET 6465/98 , Strain:show
Alex of Queenland
Folti Alexa
Macambó Dominga
MET 7063/01
HuJCH. Rossini Of Draten
blue roan, MET CSP 5768/H/01 , Strain:show
Pt.Ch; Lux.Ch; Fr.Ch Stocdale Dragon's Sonata
15-12-1991, black & white, LOP 98011 - LOF180406/15155, HD:A, Strain:show
Jacotte Du Plateau De Chambles
29-06-1994, blue roan, Strain:show
Macambó Viny
30-12-1998, blue roan, MET CSP 5324/99 , Strain:show
Naughty Of Draten
15-12-1997, blue roan, MET CSP 3814/H/98 , Strain:show
Macambó Rosie
02-04-1995, blue roan, Strain:show
Octavia Jázmin
MET 8393/02
Tormás-Falvi Sherry
MET CSP 1763/92
Mook Kaleva Teddy Bear
MET 11604/91
Lindridge Lucky Strike
09-01-1988, blue roan, KC N2330807N02 - LOF 8 Coc 163956/12759, Strain:show
Georgina Kaleva
Tormás-Falvi Hédy
blue roan, MET CLP 6825/90
Maros-Szirti Abel
black & white, MET CSP 60/87
Vázsnoklaki Angi
MET CSP 4936
Livinczay Gitta
MET 8378/95
Csikida Dixi
black white & tan, MET CSP 7737/90
Int.ShCh Shock della Spiga
blue roan, LOI RC 116878 - MET Csp 5860, Strain:show
Somogyvölgyi Dolly
blue roan, MET CSP 4781
Livinczay Abigél
MET 2618/92
Direct offspring
no data
From same sire and dam:
no data
From same sire (Holdvári Rocky Gino):
With: Mesztegnyei Ruby liver, MET 4741/07, Hungary, Strain:show
Csipirkei Choco Domina 12-05-2009, liver & tan, NHSB 2792635, Hungary, HD:A, HDinfo:botafw: 0, norberg: 38, aansl: onv., EyeTest:unaffected, EyeTest Info:NL(ECVO), EyeTest Date:15-01-2015, Gonio:not tested, Strain:show
With: Admiration Barbi red, MET Csp 2201/04, Hungary, FN:clear
Miss Brasilia the Csipirkei 03-06-2010, black, NHSB 2902183, Hungary, HD:A, HDinfo:botafw: 0, norberg: 26, aansl: onv, EyeTest:unaffected, EyeTest Info:NL(ECVO), EyeTest Date:16-01-2015, Gonio:not tested, FN:clear b.p.
With: Lucafalvi Bridget MET 69/08, Hungary, Strain:show
Chocolate Loveliness Of Csipirkei 19-09-2010, NHSB 2834228, Hungary, HD:A, HDinfo:botafw: 0, norberg: 35, aansl: onv., EyeTest Info:NL(ECVO): OV: bruin stippels op de voorste lenskapsel, EyeTest Date:20-01-2016, Disticiasis:affected, Gonio:not tested, Strain:show
Chocolate Suavity Of Csipirkei 19-09-2010, liver & tan, NHSB 2902004, Hungary, HD:A, HDinfo:botafw: 0, norberg: 33, EyeTest Info:NL(ECVO): MPP: CORNEA; OS: bruine stippels op voorste lenskapsel, EyeTest Date:02-12-2015, MPP:affected, Disticiasis:affected, Gonio:not tested, Strain:show
With: Sárlandi Anasztázia black & tan, MET CSP 4318/06, Hungary, HD:A
Cirmy Of Csipirkei 19-07-2011, black & tan, MET Csp 1229/11 - NHSB 2872231, Hungary
With: Lucafalvi Elvira liver, MET 708/10, Hungary, FN:clear, GPRA:clear, Strain:show
Csipirkei Debby Niterise 23-10-2011, liver, NHSB 2872118, Hungary, HD:A, HDinfo:botafw: 0, norberg: 28, aansl: onv., EyeTest:unaffected, EyeTest Info:NL(ECVO): pigmentvlekken voorste lenskapsel OU, EyeTest Date:17-02-2016, Gonio:not tested, FN:clear b.p., Strain:show
Buli of Csipirkei 10-05-2012, liver, NHSB 2985108, Hungary, HD:A, HDinfo:botafw: 0, norberg: 26, aansl: onv., EyeTest Info:NL(ECVO), EyeTest Date:12-11-2014, Disticiasis:affected, Gonio:not tested, Strain:show
Bory of Csipirkei 10-05-2012, liver, NHSB 2985109, Hungary, HD:A, HDinfo:botafw: 0, norberg: 35, aansl: onv., EyeTest Info:NL(ECVO), EyeTest Date:03-11-2015, MPP:iris, Gonio:not tested, Strain:show
With: Rizi-bizi Braun Gina 08-11-2005, liver & tan, MET CSP 4380/06, Hungary, Strain:show
Rizi-Bizi Chocolate McCloud 20-06-2012, liver & tan, Hungary, Strain:show
From same dam (Mesztegnyei Terry Molly):
no data